Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Trade Show Experience

I have been attending PG Live since 2010 and this was the second year we have exhibited as Symetria. As the show has come to a close for another year, it is time to reflect on a truly fantastic experience. I can only describe the feeling of exhibiting at a trade show as similar to that of being on stage:
It is a very intense, exhausting, and exhilarating process and I think most importantly of all, it's a very enjoyable one.
For two days straight, you find yourself immersed in a network of publishing houses, paper merchants, printers, manufacturers, licensing houses, retailers and a vast array of creatives all providing theatre and drama across the greetings card spectrum.

I find the whole process of exhibiting at a trade show an ever expanding education - beginning with the months of planning, trying and testing products and designs, keeping abreast of current trends, the character building, taking the knock backs and rejections, enjoying the praise and growing in confidence. The knowledge gained and lessons learnt are so integral for development.
This is an experience I feel can only really be obtained from exhibiting at the live events.

It seems a long time ago we were exercising our first brand, Studio Diablo. Have a look at these pictures of our stand at Top Drawer, Olympia back in September  2010. This was when 'Lovebites' started out as a range of 6 little cards called 'Podisms'.  Rebranded and refreshed, 6 has since become 50!

Here is the first Symetria stand at the 2012 PG Live show (including a dress rehearsal at home)

 The look of the stand was developed again for 2013. Here are the most recent images taken from yesterday's show (including the original stand plan).

The show is now over,  a sigh of relief, a little time to relax.  Then just at that moment, as you sit down with a cup of tea, an idea pops into your head and before you know it begin planning again for next year!

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  1. It is so good to know about your trade show experience. All the photos are really nice and I truly liked these trade show displays too that have been used in these booths. All these photos will be very useful for me for the next trade show that I am going to organize soon.